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We specialize in Colon Hydro Therapy/Aroma Therapy - Massage Therapy - Reflexology

    Located in Tempe, AZ,  The Essential Health Clinic offers professional and efficient hydrotherapy treatments, massage therapy and reflexology in a calm and relaxing environment.

Let one of our trained and certified therapists help you cleanse your body and soul from the inside and out. By performing a colonic, we can help you release toxic and waste material that has built up in your colon over the years. 

Also, come and indulge yourself in a sea of relaxation with one of our massage therapy treatments and/or improve clarity, relieve tension and improve the natural function of the body with our amazing reflexology treatments.

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2055 East Southern Ave, Suite E

Tempe, AZ 85282   
Office# 480-430-2037

Massage # 602-576-8159

Office Hours: Tues-Fri 9-5
Mon, Sat, Sun ( Upon Request)